It’s confusing insofar as Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (daughter of longtime French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld) seems to have decided not to show any pictures of actual underwear for her Kiki de Montparnasse campaign. The Cut has pictures of the ads. Instead of lingerie, we get a lot of this:

julia restoin roitfeld lingerie

Now, when I see this picture I  think “I have got to get a prettier bed.” That’s because only a single strap of underwear is showing. I would expect that Restoin-Roitfeld was trying to sell beds if I didn’t know better. But then there’s this:

julia restoin roitfeld lingerieAs you can see, this picture makes it clear that getting a new bed will mean nothing without having the right (silk?) covers, which I don’t have either. I am going to buy so much bedding. I will buy all the bedding. When in bed, I will wear… something? It will be mysterious! (Snuggie, probably).

julia restoin roitfeld lingerie kiki de montparnasse

My hair is going to be the prettiest hair. Underneath my magnificent, just seriously gorgeous head of hair, I will wear something that is made out of lace. It will be amazing.

So far, there appears to be one photo that actually shows the underwear Julia Restoin Roitfeld is selling. Ready for it? Here:

julia restoin rotifeld kiki de montparnasse lingerieThis ad campaign has done a really effective job of making me want to be Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (which, well, obviously) and a really terrible job of making me want to buy any lingerie. It has, however, finally made me download the hipstamatic app for my iPhone, so that’s something.