Almost every Julia Roberts’ movie has something iconic in it. Eat, Pray, Love had the pizza. Notting Hill had Hugh Grant. And Pretty Woman had that dress. If you’re a Julia Roberts fan, you know exactly the one we’re referring to. The cutout dress Vivian Ward is wearing when she gets asked to leave a fancy-schmany boutique on Rodeo Drive has become iconic. And luckily for us, we can now get our own version at ASOS.

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The dress is dubbed the “Crinkle Iconic Mini Beach Dress ($215)” and it isn’t just a random lookalike. ASOS has teamed up Hunza G, aka the brand who actually designed the dress in Pretty Woman, to create this version.

The fitted mini dress features a white top and short skirt with the iconic monokini-like side cutouts and ring detail. You’re able to take your pick from three different colorways including: white and red, white and blue, and white and black.

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An unlike some of the clothes in that Rodeo Drive boutique, the dress probably isn’t going to bankrupt you. It costs a cool $215 and it’s available to buy now on the ASOS website. Pick it up and the only things you’ll be missing are a blonde wig and Richard Geere.

(Photo: ASOS)