You’re all probably like, 2-piece bikini? Now? Spring is barely even here. Yes, I know that but see, I have been doing this Insanity Workout from Shaun T so I’m trying to get even more motivated to lose weight and get more toned. What’s more motivational than seeing a 2-piece bikini, right?

This 2-Piece Flower Halter Bikini is fresh and dare I say it again, motivational, hehe. I love the floral print and halter style. I also like the fact that the bottom is not too tiny like typical sexy bikinis, know what I mean? It’s sort of a shorts but not too big to be called as shorts. It’s briefs cut actually. I like that. I’d feel more comfortable with this style than the itty-bitty bikinis out there. This 2-piece bikini also inspires me not to buy a tankini or one-piece swimsuit for some reason.

So, if you’re like me and looking for something to motivate you in your workout for a a healthy version of YOU, then use this flower 2-piece halter bikini for that purpose. $28.99 from UrbanOG and is also available in blue color.

(Image: UrbanOG)