In Justify Your Designs new designers display their favorite piece, and explain why you need it in your closet. Today, we’re checking in with Ciomi McCabe of Block Headwear, who is showing us a Winston Cap.

Explain to me why I need this item in my closet:

Wearing a Block hat will set you apart from the rest. You will get noticed – in a good way!

It looks a lot like another hat which I already have. Why is yours so much better?:

A Block hat offers quality and style with a classic twist. Something happens to people when they put on a block hat – it gives them the confidence to conquer all!

Perhaps you are a charlatan. What’s your background and qualifications?:
B.S., M.S., but, best of all, 15 years at Kangol Headwear. From production to sales, to marketing and design. It provided me the experience and confidence to establish a designated hat brand.

Will it look as good if I’m a size 14 as it will if I’m a size 2? Be honest:
Absolutely! Block is for people of all shapes and sizes.

Will I have to live off Ramen noodles for a month to afford it?:

One of my goals when I started Block was to establish a quality brand of headwear that was stylish, yet affordable. That’s why our customers continue expanding their Block wardrobe with multiple styles every season. And, by the way, Ramen only once a week, and with dessert.

Will my relatives in rural Iowa think I’m a freak if I show up to our family reunion in this?:
My advice to you is not to put down that hat when you’re hangin’ with the family – it’s guaranteed one of them will walk away with it.