In Justify Your Designs new designers display their favorite piece, and explain why you need it in your closet. Today, we’re checking in with Kirribilla who is showing off the Genevive dress. You can learn more about the line here, at

Explain to me why I need this item in my closet
The Kirribilla Genevieve dress is the only little black dress you’ll ever need. One of our best selling and most popular silhouettes, it’s an elegant slim-fitting stretch cotton pique cocktail dress with a low back and cloud-inspired detailing that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it’s worn.

It looks a lot like another little black dress which I already have. Why is yours so much better?:

It fits like a dream. The stretch fabric flatters all figures. The sophisticated boat neckline makes it appropriate for any occasion, while the low back adds a hint of glamour but is still bra-friendly. And the pockets will thrill you!

Perhaps you are a charlatan. What’s your background and qualifications?:

Kirribilla launched its first collection in 2007 and is sold in top boutiques and online shops across the US and internationally. The line, headed by sisters Faye and Phoebe Davison, was created to make every girl feel like the prettiest one in the room with its classic silhouettes and feminine, flattering detailing. The dresses have been featured in top national publications including Cosmo Bride, Marie Claire and E! News.

Will it look as good if I’m a size 14 as it will if I’m a size 2? Be honest.:

The Genevieve flatters across the size spectrum. The touch of stretch in the fabric, the cinched waistband and the flattering neckline detailing lets a size 12 feel as happy & lovely in the dress as a 2.

Will I have to live off Ramen noodles for a month to afford it?:

At $385 the Genevieve is one of the lower priced dresses in the Kirribilla collections. Since the classic style will enable you to wear it season after season to dinner dates, cocktail parties, work events and more, the cost per wear will shrink and shrink!

Will my relatives in rural Iowa think I’m a freak if I show up to our family reunion in this?:

No, but they might be envious of all the compliments you get!