Even with her 15 minutes being over recent image makeover that’s included staying out of the tabloids, Paris Hilton really cornered the market on being a celebrity with a pet as an accessory. If there was ever any doubt, of course, we all remember the “South Park” episode, “Stupid Spoiled Whore,” which immortalized her as such.

But now, it looks like there’s a famous who wants to give Paris a run for her money, and that someone is none other than Usher’s product, Justin Bieber. The Biebs took to the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards carrying a snake that he calls Johnson, because he is 17 years old, and he got to have conversations such as this one, with Entertainment Weekly:

EW: What your snake’s name?
Justin Bieber: Johnson.

EW: Johnson! You dirty boy!
Bieber: I know. [laughs]

EW: Dude, your Johnson is small.
Justin: [Laughs and shakes his head.]

Well, dude, what did you expect? And also, come on.