Tell us you see something different

Justin Bieber was in Las Vegas recently to promote some kind of robot thing with a giant dick alongside media personality Allison Hagendorf.

Kidding! The dick is Justin’s microphone and the robot is actually a pointless novelty speaker. But, thanks to the eagle-eyed fashionistas/os at Styleite, the reason for our being here is this:

Yes, this is some sort of terrible demon baby born of a Levi’s denim jacket and a Louis Vuitton purse. Yes, it’s hooded. Yes, it is absolutely repulsive. Yes, his hair is worse than you remember.

We originally wanted to make this a Fashion Disaster, but Bieber kind of stepped outside the realm of disaster and just into… impressive. As in, it is impressive that he found the be all and end all of hideous things.

(photos via Getty)