If I didn’t know any better I would think that Justin Timberlake and his N’Sync posse have reunited and the radios will be playing their reunion song soon after seeing Justin with his curly locks back.



I haven’t heard a thing about an N’Sync reunion. Justin is actually doing a movie called “The Social Network” and this is his hair in the movie. Wavy, and in light brown color. Justin’s new hairstyle definitely brought me back to the time N’sync started and when their hit song “Bye Bye Bye” too the airwaves by storm. Wow, Those were the days. I’m older yet Justin still looks like he’s still waving at me and dancing to the song, “Bye Bye Bye”, hah. This time around though, Justin’s fashion sense is more grown up and definitely more stylish and refined.

(Images : INF)