World Premiere Of Runner Runner

Isn’t it cute when couples have been together so long that they gradually meld into one person? Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got their suit and tie on last night at the premiere of Justin’s fall action flick Runner Runner in his and hers suits that looked very nice on both of them but no ties. WHERE WERE YOU TIES, GUYS? Unprofesh.

Because women’s suits are more exciting and tough to pull off than men’s, I will tell you that Jessica’s was Dolce and Gabbana. The lapels were satin, and the buttons contained real diamonds. Fancy. In her hands, she carried a tiny briefcase-purse, as if to say, “I only have a small amount of work to do today.” I’m going to assume whatever adorable little tie-like thing she was wearing got dispatched in a tragic paper shredder accident along with Justin’s. She femmed things up with some pointy heels.

If anyone can make the matching outfits thing look cool, it is a couple involving Justin Timberlake, and they certainly looked a lot cooler than he looked when he wore that matching jean-suit abomination to the American Music Awards with Britney in 2001. But to my eyes, it mostly just had the same effect as when JT wears dorky glasses or dresses up like a giant block of tofu, i.e. making him even sexier by showing sexiness is not his primary concern.

I really hope J and J know about this amazing couple; maybe they could meet and trade outfit tips.

(Via The Cut)

Photo: WENN