Seriously, as a society, how did we allow this “Before” to happen?

I usually think Justin Timberlake looks like a Sim, but did anybody else also find him exceptionally good looking at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday? That hair! That suit! That overwhelming confidence practically oozing from those steam-cleansed pores!

Well, it makes sense that Justin Timberlake pictures now make me swoon a little bit, as I have an affinity for men with excellent style (though I am admittedly incompetent with my own, but c’est la vie). And it makes even more sense that JT is increasingly fashionable, as he’s now collaborating with Tom Ford to design and shape the style throughout Timberlake’s upcoming album. According to their announcement, “Ford worked closely with Timberlake and his team to provide made-to-measure tailoring, including eveningwear, suiting, shirting, ties, shoes and accessories that will be a focal point of the ‘The 20/20 Experience.'” In fact, the suit above is by Tom Ford as well as that of his new single, aptly titled “Suit & Tie” wherein a Tom Ford logo is flashed and mentioned.

All this rather remarkable style comes in stark contrast with the ridiculousness that was Timberlake’s  Even he knows how far he’s come, admitting last year that he feels that in his N*Sync days, he “looked like a moron.” To be fair, it was the 90s and we all looked rather stupid (before you deny it, let me remind you about scrunchies, Lisa Frank, the resurgence of bell bottom jeans and these), but Timberlake looked dumb in the public eye so here we are. Now, let’s watch this extremely likable star’s style evolve immensely over the past decade and a half, just as all of ours (hopefully) has.

Photos: Brian To/WENN.com[ITPGallery]