Kaley Cuoco Sweeting is on the May cover of Cosmopolitan looking like she just rolled out of bed, but she’s still totally ready for Coachella.

She’s got the music festival uniform of bra-baring tank top; copious amounts of seemingly casual but actually quite expensive jewelry; and ultra-short, faux-worn denim cut-offs, which we will never stop calling “jorts” because we find that word immensely funny and it reminds us of the Swedish Chef. Jort jort jort. She even has a festival-ready bright silver manicure that’s so reflective we’d give just about anything to know what kind of nail polish she’s wearing.

The extreme casualness of her outfit is at odds with the styling, because she’s as blown-out and made-up as any Cosmo girl. She still had her long hair when the photo was taken, which is a shame because we are big fans of her shorter, shaggier cut for spring. We’re not fans of this makeup on her. On the red carpet and in her Instagram photos, Cuoco seems like a ball of energy, but here she looks like they just hauled her out of bed for an early shoot on daylight saving day. (Spring daylight saving is just the worst, isn’t it?)

She’s also surrounded by a couple of hashtags–#nofilter and #workfail–but since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s April cover of Vogue already featured the world’s longest hashtag, these almost escaped our notice. Hashtags are last month’s news, but are those emojis? Did Cosmopolitan seriously put emojis on its cover?

“Are you eating your feelings? Pizza cookie French fries.”

Cosmo totally put emojis on its cover.

We know print is in trouble and magazines and newspapers are trying to glom onto whatever is making the Internet so successful (hint: it’s not emojis), but this is getting a bit silly.

(Photo: Cosmopolitan)