all falls down polo

How many times have you watched Kanye West‘s 2004 music video for “All Falls Down ft. Syleena Johnson” and found yourself wishing you could rock a mustard-stained polo shirt as well as your favorite rapper? Too many to count? That’s what I thought. Luckily, a kind soul on the internet is determined to make your wildest dream a reality. Some brand you’ve never heard of, Bandulu, is now selling an All Falls Down Polo, which our buds at Refinery 29 described in perfect detail:

This piece is a pink, Ralph Lauren shirt (horseman and all) featuring a hand-embroidered “mustard stain.” … Bandulu was careful not to explicitly mention ‘Ye on the product page, instead posting a blurry screen shot of maybe-Yeezy in front of a set of urinals, French’s splotch in sight. Because, we don’t want things getting litigious over a 10-year-old faux-condiment mishap, do we?

Oh, and it’s only $400! You can buy an already expensive shirt that looks like you dropped a burger on it for the incredible price of five tanks of gas! How could anyone resist?

all falls down video

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always kind of assumed that there isn’t a lot of overlap between 1) people who have $400 lying around, and 2) people who like to buy novelty items that make them feel more like Yeezy. It doesn’t make sense to me that those two demographics are mixing, but a lot of things on the internet don’t make sense to me, so I guess that’s that. If you’re a very rich, very enthusiastic Kanye West fan, go forth and buy yourself a mustard polo while you still can. Knowing Kanye, he might even buy it for himself.

Via Refinery 29 / Photo: Bandulu