kanye-west-balmainWhy do people who are so good at other things always want to be fashion designers? We have enough fashion designers! The streets of New York are littered with distraught young people with fashion design degrees from FIT and Parsons who can’t get work in their fields. Someone should have told them that the fastest way to become a fashion designer is to be a musician instead.

Kanye West, for example, is an awesome musician. I don’t know a whole ton about music, but he’s a gazillionillionaire and keeps saying he’s a musical genius, so I’m just going to believe him. The guy’s a very good musician. Why is he breaking his back trying to be a fashion designer? This is so much like that time Michael Jordan quit basketball and became a pretty shitty baseball player. (At least Jordan had a sense of humor about it later; it seems unlikely that Kanye will ever laugh about the time he designed a $29K fur backpack.)

If Kanye won’t give up the crazy fashion dream, getting help from an expert is a step in the right direction. Victoria Beckham‘s fashion empire benefited greatly from the assistance of Roland Mouret, for example. But hands-down the last thing Kanye West needs to do is to team up with the guy who ruined Balmain to create an echo chamber of terrible fashion ideas.

Seriously, former Balmain creative director Christophe Decarnin is possibly the only person in the world who has a less sane idea of what clothes should cost than Kanye West. Sure, he is an actual designer, but if a collaboration between those two could create anything besides an echo chamber of astronomically priced, “prestige” branded clothes, I’ll eat my own head.

When Decarnin left Balmain, Robin Givhan probably hoped he let the door hit him on the way out. “The company might as well have been selling dirty handkerchiefs embroidered with the Balmain name for $5,000. Quality and craftsmanship were removed from the equation—it was all about a price point and a label.”

The Daily Mail says West is looking to revive his flagging fashion brand and has tapped Decarnin to help make it très fashion. Decarnin also worked on the looks for West’s last tour.

While we’re certainly stoked to see what kind of seven-figure insanity will come out of this partnership, possibly the best so far has been a random job posting for a chief financial officer allegedly posted by an “untitled Kanye West clothing project” on LinkedIn:

The venture will be very high profile, and unlike those in which celebrities merely lend their name to a label, this venture will have the power of Mr. West’s creative genius at the heart and soul of it.

Well that sure sounds like Kanye.

Via Daily Mail/Photo: WENN