Remember when we mentioned that the above Kanye West heels–from his massively derided debut womenswear collection–were hitting the racks at Paris boutique Colette? Given their pedigree (designed in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti) and Kanye’s own expensive tastes, everyone was quite curious how much the shoes would cost.

Since Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins start in the $4-600 territory (topping out much higher, of course) we figured Kanye would jack up the price to distinguish his sexy baby-bootie creations. Our guess was $1800.

Well, he did jack up the price.  How much?



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The shoes will retail for $6000. If that isn’t the most astonishing collision of hubris and tastelessness and consumption and unabashed publicity stunting you’ve seen in years, then you haven’t been paying attention to fashion very long. Still, we bet we’ll be seeing these beaded status symbols next Fashion Week: on editors of international Voguebloggers who’ll be gifted them them, and socialites delighted to broadcast what they can spend on supremely ugly shoes. All of them will be ridiculed in the pages of this very blog. We promise.

Now Kanye’s appearance at Occupy Wall Street seems even more heartfelt.