kanye west

Kanye West recently collaborated with A.P.C. and worked with designer Jean Touitou to do a capsule collection. It consisted of a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie. It took two entire years to make. Because of hold ups? No, because Kanye West is, pretty unsurprisingly, difficult to work with.

According to W (via The Huffington Post), Touitou said:

It took us two years to create just three items… Kanye has strong obsessions and wants to go in so many different directions — basically, he wants to redo the whole universe. When we finally finished this collection, I felt like, Okay, if I made this happen, then I can achieve peace in the Middle East.”

It was just jeans and a hoodie and a t-shirt. Only three pieces. Not a lasting plan for peace.

Are you now obsessed with figuring out how Kanye wanted to change the entire universe in his creation of a t-shirt? I think we’re probably assuming that he just wanted to go over the design countless times, but I think Kanye West is enough of an oddball that he might actually want the t-shirt to function as some sort of time-travel device/invisibility cloak etc.

Sometimes I really, really believe that Kanye West is some sort of Chauncey Gardiner figure, and that we’re all just reading a lot into him that may not really be there.

I mean, the most amazing part of this story, to me, may be that he was originally introduced as “Kenny.”

But, hell, maybe that t-shirt will change the universe. We’ll let him finish.

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