kanye west skirt at hurricane sandy relief concert

I am admittedly not a huge Kanye West fan. While I really like quite a bit of his music, I (like half the country, at least) find him obnoxious, arrogent and just plain ridiculous. Because of this, I tend to write off most of his more attention-grabbing actions as just that: meant to snag as much engrossment by the media. So last night, he wore something a bit fascinating to the Hurricane Sandy relief concert and I was a little surprised (for a moment, at least). Even for the ever-odd Kanye West, skirts are not in the “norm” of dress code.

While the musician performed at Madison Square Garden, Twitter went berserk about the leather skirt and leggings combo he wore. Tons of users made comments about him mixing up suitcases with a woman and one even made a fake Twitter simply titled, “KanyesSkirt.” Naturally, Kanye’s only competitor for the Throne of Egotism, Kim Kardashian, tweeted, “Awwwwwwww I’m so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!”

This is not the first time West has worn a skirt. In fact, this isn’t even the first time he has worn a leather skirt-like outfit in Madison Square Garden for a concert. Now, as much as I want to just dismiss him and ignore the shit out of any media coverage he garners, in this case, I have a bit more interest than usual.

I have a firm believer that until men and women are “allowed” to wear whatever articles of clothing they so choose without gender pressure from society, we aren’t yet near equality achievement appearance-wise. If I’m going to be upset that women are told not to wear pants when they wish, I thereby need to be upset once more when men are told not to wear skirts. Plus, even beyond just the, “Are men allowed to wear skirts?” debate, it’s impossible to separate this issue from the transphobia that many trans people face each day over their choices to project how they feel on the inside towards their outer appearances.

So, no matter how much I dislike West for his music and regardless of whether or not this was a ploy to get more attention, I don’t really care. I’m just kind of stoked that a famous male wore something that diverted from the gender norm in a public forum.

One more farther away shot:

kanye west skirt at hurricane sandy relief concert

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