I know, I know, it’s like giving a mouse a cookie. Pretty soon he’ll ask for a glass of milk, and then he’ll ask to be all over the internet and on TV all the time, being really annoying. But it’s novel that a man had a wardrobe malfunction, no?

As part of their ongoing alliance in service of any and all publicity–good (ha!), bad, or “WTF”–Kanye West orchestrated a strange wardrobe malfunction while out on the town with smart, successful business lady Kim Kardashian in New York this past weekend. I say “orchestrated” because while I guess it’s possible that his Balenciaga leather pants fell down by accident, Kanye West is not the sort to have sartorial accidents just happen to him. He happens to them. Furthermore, the pants he’s wearing don’t appear to be particularly loose, as leather pants should not be, and he also appears to be wearing a belt with them. So what gives?

Are we to believe they were getting it on in the car, and Kanye just happened to forget to pull up his pants until after he’d already gotten out? Because Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton did it better, crazier, and more believably, like, a decade ago. Even the expressions on their faces are passionless! (To be fair, Kim might have just gotten some Botox.) And is there even room for them to lie side by side and perform “the Kimye” in the back of a regular sized vehicle, what with all the sex servants and moist towelettes said act requires?

Or maybe he just pulled his pants down because he suddenly realized it’s silly for a man not named Willy Wonka to be wearing a blue velvet blazer, and wanted to distract from said fact. Who can tell anymore?

(Via Huff Post Style)