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The Kardashians are involved in a sweatshop scandal. The report (in Star, curiously) charges that workers in the area of China where Kardashian lifestyle merchandise is produced aren’t held to any kind of government regulations, working seven days a week in hot factories for $1/hour. Hold your breath:

“The Kardashians are in bed with some pretty bad people,” Charles Kernaghan, the executive director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, tells Star. “Not only are celebrities like the Kardashians taking advantage of these workers, they are holding hands with a government that spits on democracy and women’s rights.” [tagbox tag = “the kardashians”]

While the Kardashians are involved with many fine consumer products in the fashion, beauty, fragrance, health and lifestyle industries that are not part of this investigation, there are several brands that are coming under fire. Items in the family’s high-end K-Dash by Kardashian label and the Kris Jenner Kollection — sold on the home-shopping television network QVC — and ShoeDazzle, a company that Kim cofounded and endorses, are all manufactured in areas of China where government regulations are often ignored and workers are subject to inhumane conditions.

Li Qiang, the executive director of China Labor Watch, says that the reality stars are turning a blind eye to human rights abuses, for the sake of their bottom line. “People like the Kardashians are producing their products in China because they will get more profit, since the labor cost is so low compared to the United States and other countries,” he tells Star exclusively.

Surprisingly, there’s no mention of their Sears line. Unsurprisingly, the Kardashian family claims they were unaware of any wrongdoing, they’re taking the matter very seriously, and investigating blah blah blah. Kris Jenner’s rep covered her ass to TMZ by saying, “As far as I know the factories that are used to manufacture the Kardashian clothing and shoes have nothing terrible going on at all and the factories are very well policed and meet factory standards.” As far as you knew, Kris.

Of course the Kardashians are using sweatshop labor to produce their tacky shit. Sadly, this kind of stuff should never surprise anyone, but it does. All the time. How do you suppose the Kardashians, or H&M, or Zara, or Forever 21 re able to charge $30 for a dress? The answer has a lot to do with cheap material and cheaper labor.