Look, “America’s Next Top Model” has been getting weirder and weirder as the years go by. Tyra Banks has been unleashing the living hell out of her freak flag, and the things the contestants have had to do border on the Lynch-ian.

But last night, shit just got cray. Kris Jenner came on the show with her youngest daughters, Kyle and Kendall, and all three of them posed with the models…who were dressed like toddlers. Specifically, “her toddlers,” Jay Manuel told them, gesturing to Kris.

Also, Kylie and Kendall were dressed like Wednesday from The Addam’s Family, but that seemed downright quaint compared to the toddler set-up. Here are some creepy, creepy pictures:

One grown woman should not sit on another’s lap in this fashion:

“Whee, Kris Jenner is clutching my ribcage”: