The Kardashian sisters are certainly known for their style (among other things), and have a ton of experience working and managing retail stores. It’s only natural that in a world where every name in lights becomes a designer, these girls would eventually have their go at dressing the masses. Life & Style magazine is reporting the Kardashian sisters are designing for Bebe for the next five seasons.

20090813_zaf_ny1_042.jpgPhoto: Zuma Image

Each girl will have her own collection that reflects her personal style. I know a lot of people rag on Bebe, but I find a lot of their clothes really cute (Bebe has some of the BEST Balmain knockoffs!). Yes, you do have to dig among the ultra tight bandage dresses and mini skirts, but when you do, you’ll find lots of fabulous drape blouses, cool vests and thin T-shirts. Do I think the pieces are overpriced? Heck yes. Wait until you have time to dig the 65% off sale rack and then pounce. Be a smart shopper! Back on track though. Do you think the Kardashians designing for Bebe is a good idea? I mean, the girls dress well, they know fabrics and details as buyers of their own store. I think this will be a successful venture, but you can bet I won’t be perusing the collections until they make their way to the back of the store.