Earlier this week, Karl Lagerfeld called Adelea little too fat.” No one who has ever heard Karl Lagerfeld speak was surprised. However, in an act of self-awareness for which we were wholly unprepared, Lagerfeld has issued an apology. He told Paris’ Metro:

“I’d like to say to Adele that I am your biggest admirer. Sometimes when you take a sentence out of the article it changes the meaning of the thought. What I said was in relation to Lana Del Rey and the sentence has since been taken out of context from how it was originally published. I actually prefer Adele, she is my favorite singer and I am a great admirer of her. I lost over 30 kilos over 10 years ago and have kept it off. I know how it feels when the press is mean to you in regards to your appearance. Adele is a beautiful girl. She is the best. And I can’t wait for her next CD.”

Who knew? Karl’s metal heart is capable of love.