karl lagerfeld angela merkel

We’re starting to think Karl Lagerfeld is under a magic curse that says if he goes too long without body-snarking a public figure, he loses all his powers. This time the target of his watchful eye is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who he feels should dress “according to her special proportions.”

Lagerfeld seemed to be on relatively good behavior for his interview with German magazine Focus this weekend, as normally he has no compunction against calling people fat or lumpy. “Special proportions” doesn’t seem like a complement coming from Lagerfeld, but it’s uncharacteristically subtle for a guy who thinks that publicly calling Adele fat did her a favor.

Of course, Lagerfeld knows that if Merkel wanted his advice she would ask for it, but that doesn’t stop him.

“My understanding is that she doesn’t want advice,” he said, but according to the Global Post he went on to critique the trousers Merkel wore on a recent visit to the U.S. to meet with President Obama.

“The proportions were bad, like the cut. The pants were too long,” Lagerfeld said. He’s spoken out about Merkel’s clothing before, commenting that she should wear “better cut trousers” and wear her jackets open over a blouse to seem more at ease.

“Overall her dress code is okay but the cut should be more precise,” Lagerfeld said. Coming from the guy who said Pippa Milddleton should only ever show her butt (presumably by walking and entering rooms backwards), that’s practically glowing praise.

In general Lagerfeld is pretty complimentary about Merkel, for Lagerfeld. He has previously remarked that her blond hair was styled and colored perfectly for “her beautiful blue eyes.”

We’re not sure he’s ever said anything that nice about anyone who wasn’t Choupette.

Via Fashionista/Photo: WENN