After receiving blowback from everyone from fashion bloggers to Madonna for calling Adele “a little too fat,” Karl Lagerfeld did something he does not normally do: he apologized. It was sort of a lame non-apology that blamed the writer for taking his words “out of context,” but whatever. Now, to drive the point home that he’s sorry, he has sent the English singer a nice assortment of Chanel handbags. Which begs the question: what does he want from her? (Besides “forgiveness,” I mean.)

Answer: for her to advertise his shit, maybe! According to The Sun, an un-named “source” said that the Kaiser thinks Adele might be a good person to appear in his campaigns after his contract with the not-too-fat Blake Lively runs out:

“He told his team to send Adele the best the fashion house have to offer after hearing she collected bags. He said he really wanted to make it up to her so they could maybe work together in the future. He could see her fronting a campaign for Chanel Mademoiselle bags when the contract with Blake Lively ends. He’s annoyed with himself because he ended up insulting her when he meant to compliment her. He thinks she’s beautiful and calls her divine.”

Can we play back that allegedly “complimentary” quote again?

“The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.”

Short of fabricating the whole quote, I’m not sure how much “twisting” you need to do to make it sound like Karl Lagerfeld called Adele a fattie. If I were Adele, I’d donate those bags to charity (maybe one that deals with fat-phobia) and continue to ignore everything Karl says and does, because he is ridiculous. There’s only so much blaming the “writer” and the “language barrier” you can do before you need to give up and admit that words mean things, Kaiser, and also that the ones that come out of your mouth are often really bitchy.

(Via The Sun)