Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel show

“Vehicle safety is demode.”

Recently, we compiled a list of all the stuff in the world Karl Lagerfeld hates–babies, ugly children, racial sensitivity, the overweight, the “disgusting” habits of Greek people. The list went on and on! Although the Chanel designer has always seemed like a lovable scamp/robot, readers were surprised to realize that, when all assembled into one list, Lagerfeld seems like kind of a bigot.

Anyway, it’s been only a few days since that post and we already have something to add to the list: common fucking sense.

Lagerfeld is currently showing an exhibit of his photography in England called “A Different View,” which is dedicated to his several Rolls-Royces. If you thought that a famous millionaire taking pictures of his luxury cars was already kind of obnoxious, though, you’ll love what comes next: Lagerfeld no longer drives said Rolls-Royces because he kept getting in too many accidents.

Because he kept falling asleep at the wheel.

Per Spear’s:

Fashion-lovers should feel thankful that Lagerfeld now admires his cars from behind his camera rather than behind the wheel. ‘I had two terrible accidents,’ he said in his unmistakeable Germanic staccato, pausing for dramatic effect before deadpanning for the benefit of the Rolls-Royce owners in attendance: ‘It was in a Jag and a Mercedes. I fell asleep twice. I was not a good driver.’

Is anyone surprised? Anyone at all?

(Photo via Getty)