Karl Lagerfeld Fendi Horror MovieIt’s a tray of crudités. Because nothing is more frightening to fashion models than a veggie plate. I am a huge horror movie fan. I love the work of Argento and Fulci, and I’ll pretty much go see any horror movie in the theater. And I was so excited to view the Fendi horror movie directed by Karl Lagerfeld and it’s 7 minutes of absolutely nothing scary happening, except when Cara Delevingne gets terrified over how much food there is at the table. OK, the set location is lovely and I dig the uniform one of the maids is wearing but that’s about it.
[youtube_iframe id=”EfY_522laII”]

I guess the music is kinda creepy? Wearing dead animals is creepy? Being invited to a party is creepy?  I am so not sure what is supposed to be scary about any of this.

Do you know what was scarier than this? The commercial Rob Zombie made for Woolite. Those sweaters look totally tortured. Do you know what else is scarier than this? The new preview for American Horror Story which is a gazillion timer scarier and a gazillion times more fashionable.


Hot, no? I want Uncle Karl to remake his little horror film but starring him as some Vincent Price-esque madman who fat shames perfectly gorgeous celebrities, and then they all revolt against him and cook and eat him. Fendi should totally hire me to make their next little entertainmentmercial.

(mage: You Tube)