So, here’s a weird one: we were so distracted by the spectacular runway set and the exceptionally lovely clothes that we didn’t notice a bizarre little detail at Chanel… Subtly affixed to the otherwise pristine faces on the runway were little pearls, below lips and on noses, along the ears and at the eyebrow. Like piercings. Or moles? Up there we have Kasia Struss on the left and Saskia de Brauw on the right.

Basically, Karl Lagerfeld swapped out studs for little pearls and the look was quite odd:

Weirdly, it’s like the perfect twist to such a ladylike, refined collection. It’s… subversive in the most Chanel way, much like Freja Beha Erichsen‘s bizarre logo tears for the campaign. But that doesn’t make it something you should take for a spin IRL (Refinery29 called them “pearl warts”). We turn it over to you:

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