Karl is just so cool. You know it, he definitely knows it and based on the band he asked to provide the live soundtrack for his Spring/Summer 2012 Chanel collection it has been further confirmed. Yes, Karl has better taste in music than you.

While other designers may stick to music and bands that are “hot” at the moment in the mainstream world, Karl, in all of his infinite coolness, invited Chromatics to play live for the presentation of his collection this past week in Paris. Along with a song created specifically for the show, the Portland, Oregon band also played a few of their own and two Kate Bush covers. Eventually the band plans to release the performance for all their fans who probably will never be able to afford a Chanel product in their life.

As to whether Karl was happy with their set, has yet to be determined. Karl is not one who can be made happy very easily, so it might just be a matter of days before he lays down the insults. But let’s hope not. Let’s hope that for Karl, just knowing he has better taste in music than most people in the world is enough to keep him quiet about any imperfections he may have witnessed in the performance.


[youtube_iframe id=”gD1jD0p5EJs”]


Photo: Echo Park Records