Karl Lagerfeld celebrates the launch of his collection for Melissa shoes in New York City

Lagerfeld earlier this week at the Melissa launch in NYC

You’d think that Karl Lagerfledthe man who hates everything in the world, including children and Greek people–would have a pretty obvious disdain for Kim Kardashian. After all, she’s one of the most tragically dressed people in red carpet history, forever wearing tacky dresses two sizes too small and teetering on fugly Christian Louboutin platforms (and topping it off with every MAC product available).

But! The only thing Karl Lagerfeld likes more than indiscriminate derision for everything is this remarkable music video throwing us curveballs. The robotic one was asked about Kardashian at Tuesday night’s launch for his Melissa shoe collection and said:

“It’s very pretentious to say ‘I don’t want to see this on that person, etc.’ Everybody is allowed to buy it, to enjoy it. I’m not there as a fashion judge, I’m there as a designer.”

Wow. That’s so… uncharacteristically democratic and reasonable of him?

At the same time, we’re kind of annoyed that Lagerfeld hates everything except the things actually deserving of our hatred–namely the unapologetically dumb, shallow and venal attitudes embodied by anything with Kardashian slapped across its side.

Oh well. He did have some stuff to hate on, though. When asked if he thought Cara Delevingne–the face of his Melissa collaboration–was “the new Kate Moss,” he replied:

“I hate when people say she is the new Kate Moss. Kate is unique. Nobody wants to be the second anything. Kate is beyond anything.”

Sounds more like him.

(via Huffpost Style)