Karl Lagerfeld celebrates the launch of his collection for Melissa shoes in New York City

Lagerfeld last night at the Melissa launch in NYC

Karl Lagerfeld has signed on to four seasons of shoes with Melissa, the earth-friendly Brazilian footwear label known for 1) making cute shoes out of recycled materials and 2) getting bold face designers to collaborate with them (Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu, Gareth Pugh to name just a few).

Melissa’s been teasing the collection for a few days now–you may have seen the snippet of video they released, shot by Karl himself and featuring model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, goofing off and giving the famously stoic designer bunny ears. …But not until last night’s launch party did any of us get a good glimpse of the collection.

Alongside more standard mary janes and sandals, the designer offered ice cream cone shoes. Rather, probably soon-to-be coveted ice cream cone shoes:

Karl Lagerfeld Melissa shoe collection ice cream cone shoeIt’s as if they were designed purely for street style photographers. These are going to be everywhere in September, unless people get sick of them before that.

The brand describes the shoe thusly:

In fashion, don’t take anything too seriously. If you follow this piece of advice, you can free yourself up to play with different looks and bring together various references in a fresh way. That’s what Melissa did for the Incense + Karl Lagerfeld shoe, which encourages good humor through the ice cream applied on the heel, transforming it into a surprise and innovative element of the outfit. Available in diverse glittered flavors, this model passes on the most fun and stylish message that you could give to those around you on gray winter days.

They also come in white:

Karl Lagerfeld Melissa shoe collection ice cream cone shoe

You can see the rest of the collection over at Melissa’s site (and Grazia has sketches).

So. What do you think? Cartoonish or charmingly so?