Just when you think you know The Kaiser, he turns around and surprises you with something even more resplendently ridiculous than anything he’s ever done before.

In the music video for French pop star Jean Roch‘s song “Saint-Tropez” (featuring Snoop Dogg!), Karl Lagerfeld has a small but stirring cameo, kicking things off with a ringing endorsement of the luxury vacation spot. Surrounded by fluffy clouds, the singer asks the godlike designer (dressed in white, naturally) “is it paradise?” “You were never told that Saint-Tropez is paradise?” he replies sagely, at which point the Doggfather kicks things off in earnest.

While I am getting a little bit worried that Snoop Dogg is just saying yes to everything he’s offered these days (cf. Katy Perry), he’s never met a video he can’t imbue with greatness, and this one is no exception. Even if it does remind me a little bit of that 30 Rock Countess LuAnn parody “La Piscine”:


In other Lagerfeldian news, he told The Telegraph that he reads lots of books to keep his brain in shape, saying “I am a brain-bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger of the brain.” Clearly, he used up his last shred of humility apologizing to Adele.

(Via Fashionista)