Karl Lagerfeld video game

It’s the moment all you gamers and Karl Lagerfeld fans have probably never thought about: a Karl Lagerfeld video game has been born, and it is…well, kind of adorable, actually. I mean, just look at that adorable Sim-like head above! It’s almost as if he doesn’t hate everything and everybody.

The game is titled “Je Veux Les Lunettes De Karl” (I Want Karl’s Sunglasses) and the objective is — you guessed it — to grab Lagerfeld’s signature shades off of his face. As you do so, he mocks you in French by saying things like, “You really need glasses,” and, once you do not grab his sunglasses, “Karl has no more time for you.”

It is certainly a bizarre game and not one I can imagine anyone who’s not bemused by fashion’s biggest grump would play, but is a bit noteworthy for being a fashion game that doesn’t just involve buying expensive clothes, finding a boyfriend and gaining popularity points in a hot pink world (if you search “fashion game” in the app store, you will see primarily those). Plus, who hasn’t hoped that someday, some way they would be criticized openly by Karl Lagerfeld? Okay, me and most other people have not hoped for that, but still: check out the game, or at least see the cute little intro. It will make you incredibly amused by Lagerfeld’s real face the next time you see it.

[via Fashionista]

Screen grab: YouTube