Karlie Kloss at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Part of good design is locating a hole in the market and figuring out how to fill it. For Karlie Kloss, that hole is that the paucity of pants long enough for supermodels. She plans to do her part for the supermodel population—and nonmodel women with really, really long legs—by designing a new capsule collection of extraordinarily long jeans in collaboration with Frame Denim.

The Forever Karlie line will comprise two denim styles when it launches in June. From the pictures, one style is a pair of distressed skinny jeans that end at the ankle, and the other style has a notable flare. If you have shorter legs, it might be possible to hide a pair of 10″ platform shoes under the flares and see what the world looks like from a model’s height.

Both of the extra-long, Kloss-designed styles will be made in California and have relatively high waists and 40-inch inseams, which means there’s a nonzero chance these jeans will actually be taller than you are. If you’ve been blessed with the inseam of a runway model, though, these might be the pants that solve all your problems.

“I’m freakishly tall, so finding pants that fit is something I’ve struggled with my whole life,” Kloss said to Vogue UK of the days before she became a runway superstar at 15 years old. “My secret to pulling off too-short jeans has always been to pair them with boots and I really rocked the flood-pant trend for as long as I could! It wasn’t until I started modeling at fifteen that I even realized what well-fitting clothes felt like.”

While it sucks that she’s had trouble finding jeans in the past, we can’t help but imagine that being a ridiculously gorgeous supermodel probably helps take the edge off a bit.

Via Vogue UK/Photo: WENN