Yesterday, fashion bloggers the internet over were stunned to gaze upon teenage top model Karlie Kloss‘ impossibly toned figure in her first nude editorial ever shot by Steven Meisel for the pages of Italian Vogue. Today, Fashion Copious noticed that one of the images (above) has been removed from the glossy’s website.

…Now we get to have fun and speculate. Several blogs are postulating that the image appears too Photoshopped and consequently looks a little off. Editor in chief Franca Sozzani is outspoken is her criticism of overly edited images, so this seems plausible. However, many commenters across those same blogs are decrying the image for showcasing Kloss’ thinness… another of Sozzani’s crusades.

What do you think? Does the image look too altered? Too weird? Too thinspirational? Or, as The Cut notes, is it just because Kloss’ fly is open?