Karlie Kloss for Vogue

There are few models bigger than Karlie Kloss at this moment, so as a result of the fashion industry’s supersaturation of specific faces, we tend to see a lot of hers. When I read that Kloss did another editorial for Vogue to accompany a story from Plum Sykes regarding her experience at Austria’s Viva Mayr clinic, I was admittedly not particularly eager to see the shots. In general, most editorials bore me (not because I know so very much about fashion, but simply because I think there’s only so many ways brands can stir up controversy via animals/plastic surgery themes/nudity/violence before I give up on them altogether).

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the editorial was so, so cool. Kloss is shown in some gorgeous locations wearing beautiful clothes all while looking model-bored — as tends to happen in any photo series — but she still manages to bring the pictures strangely alive. All the architecture and/or natural beauty of Austria that is used as a backdrop also manages to become a star itself, which is really lovely to see in a time when half the photos for various brands and magazines are set on people’s beds. Plus, in the shot above, she is wearing a Proenza Schouler dress that I cannot stop staring at, it is so gorgeous.

For the full story, check it out on Vogue.[ITPGallery]