Is it Kate Moss?


Is it Angelina Jolie?


Is it Jessica Stam?


Is it Victoria Beckham?


Is it Jessica Biel?

No, but getting closer…


According to the copy on the cover, it is Kate Bosworth. Only you’d never know that just from looking at her. Personally, I think she looks more like a Photoshop amalgamation of all the aforementioned guesses than anyone even inhabiting the same universe as the girl who made us all terrified of surfing in Blue Crush. I know you can do a lot with makeup and lighting, but let’s be real. This person is from The Sims. They also hid her one brownish eye behind her hair, so you can’t even identify her by that.

For comparison, here’s a recent photo of Kate Bosworth not Photoshopped to within an inch of her life:

target holiday collection party 281112Significantly more Bosworthian, no?

I have pretty much come to accept that all images we see in the media are airbrushed to within an inch of their lives, but don’t you run into diminishing returns at some point? What’s the point of having multiple celebrities if you’re just going to turn them all into the same uncanny pixel person? Then again, that might actually be more efficient and save some money in hair, makeup and photo departments. All hail our new overlord of unattainable beauty standards, computer generated avatar Kate MossStamBielBeyonceWorth!

(Via Refinery 29)

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar Australia, WENN