Kate Bosworth wedding dress

While mortals like us were probably passed out in BBQ scraps and warm beer puddles this weekend, non-mortal style icon Kate Bosworth was getting married. The 30-year-old actress got engaged about a year ago, with the ceremony taking place this weekend in Montana.

On account of the fact that Bosworth is a willowy, conventionally attractive blonde, though, Vogue decided to do a special feature on the wedding–specifically on Bosworth’s final fitting and all the expensive jewelry she tried on to “balance” the minimal Oscar de la Renta gown. We’re of the opinion that simplicity is a good thing and you don’t need to temper it, but here’s some quotes about the dress before anyone goes thinking too hard about this:

“Seeing the dress, I was totally shocked at my complete lack of control over my emotions in that moment. I love the dress because when you see the front it feels so minimal and then when you turn around there’s dramatic sort of glorious fall of the fabric. It’s a dress that reflects the love I have for my partner, it’s a reflection on my life, it’s a reflection of the woman I’ve become.”

Bosworth slipped out of the gown and into a floral embroidered tulle dress for the reception. She and husband Michael Polish, 42, exchanged vows in front of 70 wedding guests at The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana.


Here’s a sideview:

Kate Bosworth in her wedding dress

(via NY Daily News)