Special Screening Of Netflix's "House Of Cards" Season 2 - Arrivals

Kate Mara had an unfortunate fashion disaster at the Los Angeles screening of House Of Cardswhich is a departure for the normally well-styled star. Mara’s Prada Spring 2014 collection dress was ill-fitting and swallowed her whole, and her hair was deeply upsetting. The Prada 2014 spring collection is not what I’d call highly wearable (seen here on Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs), but for the most part, it’s worked on the red carpet in all instances except this one. Hats off to her for taking a risk, but this one didn’t exactly pay off.

Special Screening Of Netflix's "House Of Cards" Season 2 - Arrivals

Well, there’s just not much to say here. This whole thing is the worst. The hair may be the most egregious insult–I don’t understand the dye job, the flip, or the visible bobby pins. It somehow looks messy and too severe all at once, and I’m just not sure as to which genius was like “Badly dyed. Dramatic side part. June Cleaver flip. Accessorize with bobby pins.”

While I’m all for Mara showing off a bit more body than she usually does if that’s how the spirit moves her, this had to be the least flattering dress I’ve ever seen her wear. The shape seems like it was tailored for someone who was absolutely not Kate Mara, and the boob window is poorly shaped, screwing with her proportions and making her look like a walking pair of demi-boobs on a green olive.

On the upside, she’s a beautiful celebrity living the dream, and so I think she’ll bounce back from this pretty quickly.

Photos: Getty Images