kate middleton $75 earrings

Normally I love Kate Middleton’s style, but I’m a bit conflicted on this.

At the recent Bank Holiday the Duchess of Cambridge’s earrings were widely admired – and then I guess everyone found out they were fake. The Daily Mail reports:

They were a very good copy under the description ‘fabulous fakes’ designed by Belinda Hadden, ex-wife of top PR man Abel Hadden.

On one hand, I think this is great. It proves that you can look chic while economizing, and perhaps indicates some sort of concern over blood diamonds (although, to be fair, you can work with retailers who do not work with people who traffic in blood diamonds). At the same time – Kate is married to a Prince of England. She probably has a lot of real jewels at her disposal, and it really seems like she’s failed to take advantage of that. Acting as though she needs to wear fakes when she really, really doesn’t from a being-royal-having-all-the-jewels standpoint seems a little Petit Trianon-ish.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?