The lovely Kate Middleton*(Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as you know) stopped by the National Portrait Gallery in London for an Olympic exhibition. Possessing the considerable attention to detail that she does, Middleton wore her best color (blue, here as a Stella McCartney frock) and jewelry that echoed the Olympic rings. Themes!

…The jewelry–Cartier‘s Trinity necklace–costs a whopping $76,000 (you can check it out online, if you like) and has some bloggers wondering: why so expensive? As Refinery29’s Connie Wang aptly notes, this is not to say the necklace should be flashier (or that it isn’t pretty!), but for that pricetag… shouldn’t it be a bit more interesting?

By which we mean, what exactly are you getting for the money? Our first instinct is “the name,” but according to Cartier it is, “the pure simplicity of three magically intertwined circles of pink, yellow and white gold.” So, there you have it. Pure simplicity for $76K.

Further reading: Grazia is obsessively trying to hunt down whether or not Middleton owns the piece or if it’s a gift.

(Photo via Getty)