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One time, I was in a meeting with editor-in-chief Jennifer Wright and I noticed that her legs were looking a little tan, but in a barely perceptible way, like she’d spent a day outside and gotten a bit more sun than usual. Because we are both pale girls (and thus a little neurotic about staying out of the sun), I asked her what she’d done. She just shrugged like it was the most obvious thing in the world and said, “Sheer tights.” It kind of blew my mind at the time because I thought sheer tights were the dominion of professional woman in the 80s? The ones in power suits?

Turns out that’s not the case in anymore. We (along with many other outlets) have noticed for a while that Kate Middleton has a striking predilection for sheer tights and we should have known that what the Duchess does, so does everyone:

Debenhams' 'invisible' hosiery

Hence: UK department store Debenhams is launching a line of sheer hosiery in the style of Middleton: subtle and not too shiny. They promise to offer the warmth of tights and the skin tone correcting evenness, without that dated-looking sheen. Is this something you’d try? Or is it already a part of your wardrobe rotation?

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