Kate Middleton’s royal makeover appears to be on hold. Just days after Kate Middleton made her first public appearance of 2014 in a repeat dress, borrowed diamonds, and uncharacteristically messy hair, she’s managed to step out again looking more like her normal self in a dress by LK Bennett, one of her favorite mass market fashion brands, and remarkably it is still available for sale.

Glamour magazine’s Fawnia Soo Hoo found the dress, and there’s only one left as we’re typing this, so if you’re a US size 2 who thinks Kate Middleton has the best style in the world, run and grab it. There are a few more sizes available in cream, which is still a very Kate-like look, and a bright fuchsia that is lovely but far bolder than the Duchess normally goes.

The $399 “Detroit” dress is a bright blue crepe sheath dress with elbow-length sleeves, a notched collar, and a demure knee-length skirt. The Duchess of Cambridge’s Queen-ordered makeover allegedly included dropping all her hemlines a bit, but as this dress shows, if you want to cover Kate Middleton’s knees you have to make her clothes from scratch. In the past she has tended to favor dresses that are a couple modest inches above the top of the knee. This dress is longer than that, but it falls to mid-knee on the model on the LK Bennett website. That means it would fall just below the knee on most of the rest of us, but Kate Middleton has such stupendously long legs that it just barely grazes the top of her kneecap.

The rest of her look is back to being characteristically on-point, if a bit conservative. Her hair looks lovely without looking too “done,” which is always good. And she’s back to her usual understated accessories, in this case just watch and a delicate necklace and earrings set. She looks great, but we do miss the giant necklaces. Obviously they’re not ideal for daytime wear, but when a woman with access to the world’s most impressive supply of diamonds goes out wearing just a watch, it’s a little bit like watching Lady Gaga go out in sweatpants.