kate middleton legs

Kate Middleton may have won herself a spot on Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed List, but that still doesn’t mean the Queen trusts her to dress herself like a grown-up.

According to The Mail on Sunday, the Queen has issued some commands from on high as to how Kate Middleton should be dressed when she tours Australia in April with Prince William and Prince George. Among the commands is that the Duchess of Cambridge will be wearing lower hemlines than she usually goes in for. Given Kate Middleton’s height and long, long legs, the longer skirt command indicates she’ll likely be trading in her Zara and Topshop favorites for custom looks. The light, flirty hems Kate Middleton seems to favor are also being retired to avoid potential wardrobe malfunctions, like when the wind occasionally blows her skirt up an inch or two and people freak out about seeing the lower thigh of the future Queen.

The Duchess of Cambridge does not exactly run around in mini dresses, so we can’t imagine that making her look even more conservative will get people excited about the cool new royals, but the makeover does come with an upside. That upside is diamonds, lots and lots of diamonds. For the Australia trip, the Queen offered Kate Middleton her personal dresser, Angela Kelly—who is basically the librarian of the Queen’s jewelry collection—to select some “statement jewelry” including gemstones and tiaras.

The Mail reports that the Duchess of Cambridge is “encouraged to wear the tiaras favored by the Queen and the Queen Mother.” Middleton’s hair stylist has recently undergone a master class in attaching tiaras so she’ll be able to style Middleton’s hair for formal events and attach the multi-million-dollar diamond tiaras securely.

While the idea of Kate Middleton starting to dress even more conservatively than usual does not exactly thrill us, we would be willing to spend the rest of our lives in a nun’s habit in exchange for a giant antique diamond tiara, so at least we’ll have those to look at.



Tiara pictures are the new cat videos.