German Tabloid Posts Kate Middleton's Bare Bum, So Get Ready For The Royal <i>Luftballons</i> Jokes

We’re pretty big fans of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge around these parts. Aside from her having the most steal-worthy style in all the UK and taking adorable photobombs with strangers, she just seems like an overall snazzy person. That’s why it is so disappointing how frequently people seem to want to take and post her naked pictures all over the world. First, there were the topless sunbathing photos; now, there’s the Seven Year Itch-esque pictures taken on a windy day and posted on the website of a German tabloid. posted pictures of Kate’s butt after her skirt blew up in the breeze coming off the helicopter she and Prince William got out of while visiting the Blue Mountains in Australia this past April. The tabloid obtained the photos after British magazines and newspapers refused to sell them, therefore resulting in a “frantic bidding war, selling for an unknown price,” because apparently it is a big secret that she has a butt and wind makes dresses go woosh! Ready for the predictably creepy way the tabloid described the pics?

Photos show our favorite Duchess Kate, 32, in the Australian Blue Mountains. The rotor blades of the royal helicopter swirl the air so that Kate’s summer dress blew up — giving a clear view of her beautiful bum!

Ugh. I’m getting the heebie jeebies just looking at that caption.

According to Page Six, the “photographs have sparked online debates about why Kate doesn’t wear weights in her hems like the Queen to avoid future wardrobe mishaps.” Can it instead just spark online debates about why Kate shouldn’t have to put weights in her dress to avoid getting photographed whenever her skirt flies up? I can see why she would perhaps want to do that on the red carpet or if she were at an event, but she was literally just traveling. C’mon. Give her skirt and butt a break, please.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before royal douche Donald Trump tries to get a little “she only has herself to blame” quote in this story once more.

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images