Kate Middleton Prince George Christmas

I have it on good authority (ie: everyone over at Mommyish) that babies do not give an eff about Christmas. They love it as much and indiscriminately as they love anything else, but they really have no idea what the hell is going on. So as far as the baby is concerned, Baby’s First Christmas is not really a big deal.

To the grown-ups, however, Baby’s First Christmas is a huge damn deal. That’s when you break out the $7,500 rocking horses and tiny fur coats. And we suspect Prince George, arguably the most famous baby in the world right now (after North West), will be getting quite the haul. In fact, Kate Middleton was spotted shopping in Chelsea recently, and Marie Claire UK says she was seen picking up some extraordinarily cute baby sweaters by Trotters.

One is a navy sweater with a Union Jack flag on the front.

prince george christmas sweater

Adorably, the style is called “George,” after the prince of course. It sells for £34.99, or about $57.

“Wear with a smart Oxford shirt and preppy chinos for afternoon tea with the Queen,” the company advises. They probably meant it as a joke, but now it looks like that could actually happen.

“Kate thought they were great fun to give George,” a royal insider reportedly said. “He’ll be king one day so the flag is very appropriate.”

The other is a “Guards” T-shirt with three royal guards on the front.

George Christmas T-shirt

That one is £19.99, or $32.60.

Baby clothes are inherently adorable, but these particular picks are so cute I may be waffling on my previous commitment to giving all babies boxes of Kleenex as presents until they’re old enough to remember things.

(Photos Via Wenn, Trotters)