kate-middleton-princess-charlotte-baby-hat(Photo: Anwar Hussein/Wire Image/Getty Images)

The first reveal of Royal Baby 2.0, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, made me wish I’d stepped up my game a little bit when I brought my own infant daughter home from the hospital. Now I’m certainly not ambitious enough to consider putting on makeup, heels, and a pretty dress the way Kate Middleton did, but I do wish I had acquired a cute little knit lace baby cap like the one Princess Charlotte was wearing.

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While Prince George was displayed bareheaded after his birth, Princess Charlotte was wearing an absolutely adorable white knit baby cap. According to People, the cap was from a Spanish company called Irulea and may have been a gift from the mother of Prince George’s nanny. Whoever gave it, it was a beautiful gift. It framed the little princess’ face, was just twee enough for a royal baby, and also did a good job of covering up her little newborn head. As soon as I saw the pictures, I thought, “Oh, I wish I’d thought to get a cute little baby cap like that!”

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But according to People, Princess Charlotte was actually wearing her cute little baby cap backwards!

“Yes, she is wearing it backwards,” Irulea owner Ayajo Villar told People. “The part that surrounds the face should be on the neck.”

Oops! Honestly, who can tell with this baby stuff? Maybe putting the neck edge of the cap around the baby’s face was an accident, or maybe the baby’s parents just thought it looked cuter that way. Either way, it was adorable and now everyone probably wants a knit baby cap for their children. (My mother loves royal babies so much I am a little surprised that she hasn’t shown up to try and put a little knit baby cap on me.)

Unlike many purveyors to royal babies, Villar has been very classy about the whole discovery and refused to say how much Princess Charlotte’s baby hat cost.

“It seems to me very ill-mannered to say that about a gift that someone might have given the royal family,” Villar said, even though she knows we all want to know what the cap cost and how to get them for ourselves.

“We had contact with someone who wanted to buy some baby things, but it was all very discreet,” said Villar. “We don’t know who she was. She didn’t want to be seen or noticed.”

Villar said she did not know that the gifts–which she describes as the most handmade, artisanal items in the store–were for the royal baby until Princess Charlotte made her debut wearing them.

“It was a huge surprise for us when we found out that the Princesita Carlota was wearing our goods!”

Sure, Princess Charlotte might have been wearing her cap backwards, but if anything, that will probably just spark an international fashion trend for babies wearing their headgear that way.