Kate Middleton is the poster girl for the British royal family. Prince William‘s pretty, pretty wife is tall and elegant, with perfect hair, perfect clothes, and the kind of poise that makes any outfit look chic. She’s the first person anyone looks at in a group photo, which makes it very surprising whenever she gets upstaged, as she did dramatically yesterday on her way to church for Christmas.

Yesterday the Duchess of Cambridge appeared with the rest of the royal family at church, wearing a lovely and beautifully tailored double-breasted tweed coat by a British line called Moloh. It’s slim and flattering, with peaked lapels that draw the attention up to her face and big, shiny buttons that give it a bit of a military vibe. My personal favorite part is the red lining that gives a little flash as she walks. But as lovely as her coat and hat and shiny hair look, she could not avoid being upstaged by this:


Check out the queen! Queen Elizabeth II showed up wearing a bright fuchsia coat over a two-tone fuchsia and raspberry dress. She had a diamond brooch, pearls, a structured patent leather handbag that looks like it’s probably 50 years old. (It might be brand new, but bags like that are hard to find these days. I know, I’ve been looking for a while.) And because she is the queen, she crowned the whole ensemble in a big fuchsia hat with jaunty, raspberry feathers sticking off the hat like a pair of crossed spears.

I love the queen’s clothes. She has a signature look as unusual and unshakable as those of Dita Von Teese or Tilda Swinton, and she is a woman who is not afraid of color. She’s wearing fuchsia to church. That’s how you dress if you want to take all attention away from one of the most beautiful and well-dressed women in the world.

And from the look on the queen’s face, I’d say she knows she’s doing it.


Photos: Getty