Us Gloss ladies all have mad respect for the sartorial sense of Kate Middleton. Sure, she’s been criticized for playing it safe all the time, but she’s dating a damn Royal, so I understand why she errs on the side of too tasteful (and there’s no such thing, while we’re at it).

If anything, I think Middleton’s uniform–nipped jackets, flowy skirts in modest lengths and awesome hats–is commendable: this woman knows exactly what looks good on her. She chooses colors that compliment her skin tone and set off her brunette hair (lots of blues and creams) and always looks relaxed, effortless and quite naturally lovely, which is an accomplishment considering the media scrutiny.

Thus–thanks to America’s sudden fascination with Middleton, Wills and their engagement–we’re honoring Kate with a gallery of some of her best choices. Burn right, America’s sudden fascination. Burn bright.