Kate Middleton stepped out today for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and while bookmakers would have given you good odds on her repeating the green Emilia Wickstead coat she wore to the last two St. Patrick’s Day Parades in a row, this time she mixed it up with a brand-new, never-before-seen green coat from Hobbs London and a chia pet worn as a brooch.

Whoa. Actually that cute green coat is on sale right now. BRB, Internet shopping …

kate-middleton-green-coat-st-patricks-dayThe green Persephone coat by Hobbs London delivers to the U.S. and is normally $490 but has been marked down to $345. This must be a pretty good promotion for Hobbs, because the coat looks much, much better on the Duchess of Cambridge than it does on the company’s model.


K-Midz replaced the belt that came with the coat–always a good idea–for a shiny reptile one with a gold buckle. The change in texture is very good. We can’t tell if she’s had her coat shortened, or if she’s just so tall that the mid-calf coat comes to just below the knee on her, but either way the length is very flattering. Speaking of flattering lengths, we’re very glad to see that the Duchess has not yet succumbed to royal pressure to cut her hair into a short, matronly bob, though she may have gotten a trim recently.

Grazia informs us that Kate Middleton is not actually wearing a Chia Pet as a brooch; that is actually a sprig of shamrock. She also handed out shamrock sprigs to the officers present and presumably went around pinching everyone who was not wearing green, then retired for a round of green cocktails, because she is way too classy for green beer.

(Photos: Wenn, Hobbs of London)