Kate Middleton green coat St Patrick's day

The Duchess of Cambridge–known over here as Kate Middleton, mainly–didn’t spend yesterday like a lot of people (wearing those obnoxious green martian antennae and screaming through their vomit in public to the disgust and ire of rational humans everywhere). No, instead she attended a very staid-looking St Patrick’s Day parade at the Aldershot Barracks in Aldershot, England.

Middleton wore a festive green Emilia Wickstead frock coat, recycled from the same event the year before (¡qué escándalo!). The currently pregnant Duchess ditched last year’s waist-nipping belt, however.

Anyway, while performing various duties and flashing her winning smile, the unthinkable happened:

Kate Middleton trips St Patrick's DayWell, it’s not as bad as it looks, actually.

The Duchess got her heel caught in a rain-slicked grate, almost tripped, and daintily knelt down to free herself, with a little help from husband William.

Kate Middleton fall St Patricks' Day

We can’t imagine what Kate would do without her trusty sensible pumps, either.

Then she got to hang out with a cool dog:

Kate Middleton St Patrick's dayNice going.

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