Kate Middleton is an extremely lucky and conventionally attractive woman. As we’ve seen over the years, she certainly “cleans up nice,” as they say. With a professional blow-out and diamond tiara, she is basically a Disney princess come to life. In fact she looks more like the popular imagination version of a princess than do many actual princesses, though that has more to do with the cultural impact of the Disney people than anybody else. But her “real life Cinderella” story tends to make people see themselves in her shoes and wonder what she’d look like in theirs. If Kate Middleton were running around in yoga pants like the rest of us, would she still look so special?

Yeah, she would.

PopSugar has pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge out for a walk in the park like any of us might take. She’s even wearing yoga pants and a baseball cap, and there’s no tiara in sight. But she still looks like a damn princess.

She went out with her dog and a very big, very fancy baby carriage, which we assume contained Prince George and not just a stunt baby or a really big lunch. Wearing cropped leggings with a leg-elongating stripe, a messy ponytail, baseball cap, and a baggy sweater, she looked more chic than your standard pram-pushing Lululemonite. We’re going to have to start accessorizing our workout pants with leather driving gloves and jaunty fringed scarves like the one she’s wearing. That way maybe we’ll look all fancy and princessey on our way to Jamba Juice.